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Category: Past Wins

The King v. V.(H.) 2024

After being convicted of dangerous driving in 2019, the client made a huge mistake and drank some of his friend’s homemade moonshine before departing the social event in his truck.  Soon after the police found the client passed out behind the wheel of his truck in the...

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The King v. B.(D.) 2024 x2

The client was arrested for assault after his daughter informed police that she had been brutally assaulted by him in the family home at a time when she was staying on the property in the summer of 2022.  She also told police that he kept many semi automatic rifles on...

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The King v. C.(R.) 2024

The police began investigating the client after a woman reported to them that two men had come to the door looking for her son.  The woman explained that the men had told her son that he owed money from a drug debt and that he would be hurt if he did not pay.  When...

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The King v. T.(R.) 2024

Police were conducting a surveillance operation on the client and many other members of a suspected drug trafficking group in Vernon, Armstrong, and Enderby.  The client was well known to police as he had a lengthy criminal record including no less than 7 prior...

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The King v. S.(M.) 2024

A semi truck driver was cruising on the highway just outside of Revelstoke when another vehicle pulled out to pass him on a double solid line.  While executing the pass, the other vehicle ended up clipping the semi as it tried to pull back into its lane which resulted...

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The King v. K.(J.) 2024

The client was pulled over by the RCMP near Salmo British Columbia while he was driving with his girlfriend as passenger.  One thing led to another and the police officer deployed his K9 named “Jimmy” to perform a sniff search of the vehicle.  Jimmy sat after sniffing...

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The King v. A.(E.) 2024

A woman was doing dishes in her kitchen in Lake Country one evening when a luxury BMW came smashing through her patio just outside her kitchen window.  A man emerged from the wreckage and identified himself as the driver.  Thankfully no one was hurt.  When police...

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The King v. K.(R.) 2024

Police were driving in Vernon when they noticed a truck mildly rear end another vehicle at a red light.  As the police turned around to deal with the situation they observed the truck drive off at a high rate of speed.  Police gave chase and caught up to the truck at...

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The King v. P.(E.) 2023

Two employees of Fortis BC were conducting service checks in the community of Joe Rich near Kelowna when they discovered that a certain property was receiving far more electricity than it was paying for.  The information was passed on to police who eventually obtained...

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The King v. V.(A.) 2023

A number of people in the gym in Blind Bay BC called police to report that a man had stumbled in and had behaved in a very drunken and belligerent manner to the patrons of the gym.  The man had been seen to peel out of the parking lot driving a small blue car with a...

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The King v. P.(S.) 2023

The police were called after reports came in of a serious single vehicle accident near the college in Vernon.  When police arrived they found the client stuck in the damaged vehicle.  Medical staff attended to the client’s injuries and eventually took him to the...

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The King v. A.(E.) 2023

A man in Prince Rupert called police to allege that he had just been brutally beaten by a young man and a group of his friends and that they also stole a number of expensive pieces of jewelry.  The police began combing the area and found the client and his two friends...

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