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Why should I hire a defence lawyer?
Defence lawyers are trained professionals with experience in all aspects of a criminal trial.  Just because you think you got caught “red handed” or that there is “no point” to fighting the charges does not mean there is not a good defence that may result in you being acquitted.  The law is technical and often counter-intuitive and you need to get advice from a skilled defence lawyer before pleading guilty.
Does it make a difference what lawyer I hire?
Choosing the right defence lawyer can be one of the most important decisions in your life.  I have often heard from clients that their prior lawyer told them they had no defence or that it was best that they plead guilty.  After taking on their file, not only did I find a defence, I won the case!  Some lawyers work harder than others, that is a fact.  You need to hire a lawyer with the strength, skill, and determination to fight your charges effectively.
Can I go to jail for my first offence?
Yes, depending on the type of charge, a person can be sentenced to jail for their first offence. For example, serious assaults, drug charges, and thefts from employers are all offences that routinely result in jail time if the person is convicted. Also, if an offence is one that carries a mandatory minimum jail sentence for a first offence, the offender will go to jail if they are convicted.
Will I lose my driver’s licence for sure if I plead guilty?
Yes, when a first time offender pleads guilty or is convicted of and impaired driving related offence, the judge is required by law to impose the mandatory minimum penalty of a one year driving prohibition.
How much are your fees?
My fees vary depending on the case.  Generally speaking, the amount court time needed for a trial and the complexity of the case will determine how much my fees for any given case are. For example, a two week trial will cost more than a one day trial for obvious reasons. I do not charge by the hour, I charge by flat fee. Fees will be discussed in detail with you at our consultation.
Can you guarantee a specific result in my case?
I can NEVER guarantee a specific result in your case. There are too many variables at play for a lawyer to ever offer a guarantee that he will “get you off” your charges.  All that I can guarantee is that I will be completely honest with you about what I think your chances are, and I will work my hardest and my best to achieve the best possible result in your case, whether that is an acquittal at trial or the most merciful sentence possible in the circumstances.


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