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The client was charged with assault causing bodily harm after he was involved in a physical altercation with another man at a local poker game.  The alleged “victim’s” teeth had been knocked out during the altercation while the client was left virtually unscathed.  The “victim” tried to allege that the client had “sucker punched” him and knocked his teeth out by so doing.  Other witnesses that were his friends made more or less a similar allegation.  Mr. van der Walle interviewed and then subpoenaed numerous witnesses from the poker game that the Crown and the police did not bother talking to.  These witnesses made it clear that the “victim” had indeed charged at the client first and basically tackled him down a flight of stairs prior to the client ever throwing a punch.  Thankfully, on the day of trial the Crown dropped the charge by entering stay of proceedings with the client agreeing to enter into a common law peace bond with minimal conditions designed only to keep the “victim” away from the client.  No criminal record.  No trial necessary.


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